"AMAZING!! Marked is a simply amazing book. The Protectors are a group of individuals who, if not for their powers, might be neighbors. The characters, both primary and secondary, are extremely well-written. Everyone has his/her place in the plot and fills it admirably. Horace is rather confused; those seven missing years frighten him more than he wishes anyone to know. Faith is strong, AND headstrong. Once she and Horace have sex and start to bond, she knows what, and whom, she wants and goes after him with alacrity. ...  I have never read Dorothy McFalls before but she has earned a place on my "to-be-read" list!" 5 Stars!
--Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews 

Wow! This was my first encounter with the Mystical Sign series and what a way to start. Dorothy McFalls delivers an original, action-packed plot with plenty of steam. Mystical Signs, Leo: Marked is a treat to read from start to finish." 5 Angels!

--Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Dorothy McFalls brings a would-be couple's battle of wills to new heights . . . A botched mating and scorching sexual tension certainly make things interesting for the author's like-minded protagonists, Horace and Faith."

--Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstring Reviews

Sometimes fate doesn't let you walk away....
The powerful Horace West doesn't want a woman in his life. Women are nothing but trouble. And that's what he gets when lust takes over and he has sex with Faith Summers--trouble. The sultry vixen was doing everything in her power to drive him crazy. Even so, it was a mistake. A huge mistake.

Faith is human. He is not. He's a Protector--a race of beings with mystical powers--who protects the humans from otherworldly attacks. Somehow, while having sex with Faith, he transferred his powers to her. And now, unless he can undo what he's done, Faith will have to die.

Sequel to Neptune's Lair and the latest installment in THE PROTECTORS series comes the stand-alone novel, MYSTICAL SEDUCTION...
She didn't do one-night-stands. She didn't give sex to men in order to make herself feel special or sexy. She made connections. She cultivated relationships. Sure, sex might come into the equation pretty quickly. But that didn't mean that she hadn't already started calculating the likelihood of a happily-ever-after.

But Horace didn't want any of that. And after what she saw last night, she wasn't sure she did either. At least, not with him. A man had shot him in cold blood. Cold blood. The memory made her shiver. Though she didn't know anything about these things, it sure as hell hadn't been a crime of passion, but a chillingly pre-planned murder attempt.

Any normal person would have been scared shitless and knocking people over to call the police. But not Horace. She'd gotten the feeling he'd been expected something like that to happen. And when she tried to call 911, he'd snatched the phone away. Bleeding and nearly dying, he'd wrenched the phone from her?

There was something fishy going on. Most likely illegal.

She should have never had sex with him...a stranger. What had gotten into her? Could getting her tongue pierced have so thoroughly gone to her head? How was she going to face him tonight? Or any night?         

With that between them?

Despite the summer heat, she burrowed deep into her covers. And planned on staying under there forever.

The Reviews...(From the Orginial MARKED)
Meet all the heroes in THE PROTECTORS series:
(1) Novella: A Wizard for Christmas
Holly desperately wants a perfect Christmas, and she's perfectly willing to make herself miserable getting one.   Unfortunately, there are forces at play that threaten more than her holidays...her life is in danger.   And the only one who seems to know what's going on is a darkly handsome, but mysterious, wizard who makes her want to add "romance" to this year's Christmas wish list.

(2) Sensual Novella: Neptune's Lair
It's worse than a bad hair day! Dallas's new lover is taking control in the bedroom, and an unworldly force is threatening her soul.

(3) Sensual Novel: Mystical Seduction
Faith was looking for a one-night stand. What she got was an otherworldly hunk who appears determined to make her his sex slave.

**Note: Originally released as the novella, MARKED. Now expanded into a full-length novel.
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