Looking for a good book to read? Try one of my favorite authors.
Nina Bruhns - Looking for an intense, sexy adventure? Nina's book are not to be missed!

Catherine Coulter
- Her books were what got me hooked on reading romances. She writes spicy stories filled with mystery, suspense, and humor.

Carolyn Davidson
- Harlequin Historicals/HQN writer, her stories are filled with hope and family values. She's truly a feel-good writer.

Sandra Heath
- Writes compelling paranormal Regency romances. I have enjoyed every book that I've read of hers.

Kay Hooper
- Writes edge of your seat romantic suspense novels.

Marly Mathews
- Her series of short romances are filled with magic and historical splendor.

Sophia Nash
- Writes compelling and extremely funny Regency Romances. I love her books.

Elizabeth Peters
- Writes historical mysteries and romantic suspense books. Her writing is sharp and witty.

Tracy Anne Warren
  - Steamy historical New York Times Bestselling romance author, one of the best up and coming Regency writers out there. Her books will take your breath away.

Want to learn more about the Regency time-period? Here are a few of my favorite research sites.
The English Bride - Site dedicated to marriage customes in the 18th century.

Jo Beverley's Georgian and Regency Articles

Etiquette and Deportment - Part of the Gutenburg Ebook project, E-text of a short book written in 1836 titled, The Laws of Etiquette. A little later than the Regency, but offers some Victorian etitquette rules.

Victorian Etiquette
- Tells about the rules in leaving calling cards, conversations, dinner parties, and attending a ball.

Georgian England Top Dogs
- Describes dog breeds you might find in Georgian England.

19th Century Gardening
- A timeline of gardening.

Take the Jane Austen Quiz
- What kind of Jane Austen Heroine are you?
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