Dorothy McFalls resides in an artsy beach community in South Carolina with her sexy sculptor husband and their crazy rescue collie (Rosie) and mischievous kitten (Suki). An environmental urban planner by profession and wildlife biologist by education, she gave up her day job to devote her time to writing in 2001. She writes romantic adventure fiction, Regency romances, and short stories.
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I am always amazed at the impact the smallest things have on my life. A kind word given to me in passing might stick with me for years, fueling me through dark times...helping me push through bouts of self-doubt. In the third grade, for instance, I had a teacher write on the top of a poem I had written, "keep writing, you will do something with your words one day." Her encouragement (along with those given by others) lives in my heart, kicking down the gurgling negative thoughts planted by a natural fear of laying yourself out on the page for someone to reject.

That is why I think I write romance. The emotions involved with developing a new romantic relationship are universal to the emotions we tend to experience when simply living life. Who hasn't felt the same fear of rejection--that can kick us in the pants when asking someone special out on a date--when approaching the boss for a raise? And who hasn't had their heart broken after putting your all into a project only to have no one notice how much work went into it? These emotions are floating out there in the ether, affecting how we interact not only with our spouses and lovers but also with our co-workers and friends.

So the next time someone comes up to you with an eager gleem brightening her eyes, remember the tremendous power little words of encouragement have in our lives. It doesn't take much to bolster someone's mood by simply taking the time to notice. And you never know when what you say might last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy my romance novels. If you like what you read (even if you don't) feel free to e-mail me or sign up for my electronic newsletter list. I'm always glad to hear from the cyber community!

~ Dorothy McFalls

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