With heavy hearts we say goodbye to our dear friend Yoshi.  He'd been suffering from cardiomyopathy. On March 29, 2008, he passed away. We hope to meet again on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Rosie was our first foster puppy. She and her brother were too young to be without their mother. While her brother was happy and brave, Rosie shivered with fear.
Suki is our newest baby. Her name, Suki, means "beloved" in Japanese. And she sure is loved by us. She's the sweetest kitten you could ever hope to meet.
Suki at 9 weeks old exploring books notes on my desk. Already she's a  critic!
Paws on the keyboard? Perhaps she's a budding writer!
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Sadly, our best friend, Abu, left us to romp in an endless field of wildflowers on April 4, 2010. Thank you, little buddy, for 16 years of unconditional love. We miss you.
Rosie was adopted and quickly returned because of her fearful behavior. That's when we made the decision to provide her with her forever home.
My little papillon, Iona, passed away after battling TCC bladder cancer on June 29, 2016. She fought a good fight right up until the end. We had her for 9 1/2 short years. We miss you, my sweet baby-dog.