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Discover Lady Iona's Rebellion...
She was looking for freedom....
When the always obedient Lady Iona is pressured into accepting a husband of her father's choosing, she seeks out the notorious rake, Lord Nathan Wynter, for his help in learning how to standup for herself.

He was looking for respect...
While Iona is seeking adventure, Lord Nathan is doing his honest best to reform his ways in order to repair his reputation and his disastrous relationship with his family. Winning the very proper Lady Iona for a wife would go a long way to achieving that end.

They found each other.
The more Nathan tries to protect Lady Iona from running head-long into disgrace, the more he admires her daring spirit and unpredictable antics. Instead of returning her to the obedient world to which she was raised, he encourages her blossoming passions. Such a move is surely going to lead them both to ruin.

But for love he is willing to risk everything.

* Sculpture by J. Todd Johnson
Lady Iona's Rebellion
Cerridwen Press
June 2007

March 2010
The Reviews...
Filled with emotion and torment, a steamy romance in which the hero and heroine can barely keep their hands off of each other, and a tender, heartbreaking realization and reconciliation, LADY IONA'S REBELLION meets every requirement that we deem necessary for it to be a Perfect 10. The writing is crisp, the tension so thick that you can cut it with a knife, and the cast so alive and vivacious, down to even the most secondary of characters. ~ A Perfect 10! ~
--Amy Cunningham, Romance Reviews Today

Lady Iona's Rebellion took me by storm. Not only is the writing grand, but the whole premise of the storyline is beautifully created. Iona is sassy and bright and I loved how she stands her ground for her independence. A hot-blooded Nathan and a desirable Iona, wow, this story sizzles with excitement, passion and the natural interference of families. Dorothy McFalls develops an intriguing read where characters linger long after the story ends. The well-sculptured secondary characters definitely put a spin on the story. This is one tantalizing read that is truly extraordinary in a most satisfying way.  ~ 4 Cups! ~
--Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

LADY IONA'S REBELLION by Dorothy McFalls is an outrageous romp through Regency England with two wonderfully compelling characters as they find themselves dodging scandal on the way to discovering love. ~ 4 Ribbons! ~
--Anita, Romance Junkies

The plot is fresh and adventuresome and each sister, brother, parent, friend and servant were a tribute to this wonderful story of confusion! The more Iona and Nathan experienced together, the more involved the events became! Each time Nathan did anything, it was perceived as scandalous; Lady Iona had the sympathy of the entire ton because, since she was known as the malleable child, it was never expected that she had anything to do with the outrage!  This is a meticulous novel in which Ms. Dorothy McFalls showed her vast talent in the expansion of this book. I literally could not put it down. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who loves regency romance. This book will go well on your "keeper" list!
~ 5 Hearts! ~
--Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

Dorothy McFalls
has written a fantastic romantic tale, one which is easy to read, engaging and entertaining. ... It is this attention to detail that pulled me completely into this story and made me forget I wasn't right there on the pages with Lady Iona and Lord Nathan. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am eagerly awaiting any new book by Dorothy McFalls. Lady Iona's Rebellion is top rate on all fronts and I am sure whatever follows will be just as good. Well done! 
~ 5 Angels! ~
--Carly, Fallen Angel Reviews

Lady Iona is full of spit and fire and Lord Nathan is charmingly earnest. I kept on laughing throughout this story because of all the situations they get into. ... I haven't been this amused by a book in a long time. The pace is wonderful and you don't want to walk away from it...Lady Iona's Rebellion is a definite must read.
~ 5 Stars! ~
--Cristina, Manic Readers

"McFalls' descriptive language transports readers to another time and place in this well-constructed, emotionally satisfying story." ~3 Stars ~
--Keitha Hart, Romantic Times BOOK Reviews

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