Bored of society's ballrooms and events, Lady Amelia wants more from life. But not to be kidnapped! A rogue with a wildness that both frightens and excites her steals her away from the only family she's ever known and tosses her into a world of werewolves and danger.

Dimitri, a lone wolf who plays by his own rules, agreed to capture Lia and bring her to back to his former wolf pack. According to his sister, Lia is the pack's last hope for survival. But once Dimitri has her, will he be able to let this beguiling she-wolf go?

"I don't-" she started to protest.

"I believe you wish to prove to me...and yourself...I am nothing to you. Is that not correct?"

Yes, it was true. She didn't want to be attracted to any man, especially this man who could so easily muddle her mind when she most needed her wits. And she certainly didn't approve of the warmth spreading through her belly just because he was looking at her, and only her. But oh, she dearly wanted him to stay on the portico with her and simply soak in the cool night air while bathing in the healing glow of the moonlight...with him.

Which was ridiculous. She certainly did not approve of the mysterious Lord Carew or of her own unhealthy fascination with him. Let Carew attract some other unwise maiden like a moth to a flame. Love only brought heartache for the woman because men, blast their handsome eyes, only ever desired power and money-two things that held very little value in Lia's estimation.

Oh, botheration! Perhaps Lord Duncan was right. Perhaps she did make herself miserable by thinking too much. How wonderful it would be to lean in just a little closer, to let his lips brush against hers, to know what it would be like to mindlessly give oneself to another. What would it be like? How freeing…?

"What? No protests? Splendid, my lady. Let the game begin. Come. Prove you have no feelings for me. Prove to me you are more clever and more heartless than I."

He took her hand and led her not toward the glittering ballroom but down the stone steps and deep into the cool shadows of the garden.

How dare he? He was arrogant and too much in command of himself and everyone around him. She wasn't his to order about. She had a mind to-
He picked up speed as they dashed around a potted topiary. The stone pavers sped by under their feet. It felt wonderful to forget herself and simply run under the bright moon like a hoyden. Lia laughed despite herself.

He stopped in the middle of the path and turned her toward him, his hands on her shoulders. He took a moment to catch his breath. Lia felt a more than a little breathless herself. Her heart pounded with life in her chest, and all because she took this reckless sprint away from the crush in the ballroom.

"We don't have much time," Carew warned. They stood in the deepest of the shadows that lurked in the farthest reach of the garden, hidden behind a line of thick, prickly hedges that muted tinkling laughter and lively music pouring out of the house.

"Much time for what?" She glanced around. "We really shouldn't be so far away from the house."

She tried to pull away, but his grip on her shoulders tightened.

"Shh, they'll be upon us in a moment."

Before she could demand who in blazes was coming, he framed her face with his warm, gloved hands. He moved closer, so close she saw the silvery moon reflected in his inky black eyes. "Lord help me," he whispered, "you are so beautiful it causes me pain."

He kissed her.
A Passion That Burns Brighter in Moonlight...
The Reviews...
McFalls has created a page-turning story that seamlessly blends the Regency world with paranormal elements. The dark, paranormal world she builds in this short time is filled with authentic Regency details. The characters are well drawn. But be forewarned-the story is billed as erotic and heats up quickly! I thought this was a really fun read!
~ Miranda, THE SEASON
Copyright 2012
As the thrilling "Taken by Moonlight" begins, Dmitri, or Lord Carew, as he is known in the London of 1813, observes Lady Amelia Routledge across the ballroom and feels fairly certain she does not realize her true nature or place outside of her society...McFalls does an excellent job depicting Lia's emergent feelings and urges beyond her understanding.
~ Carol, Bitten By Books 4 Stars!
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Taken By Moonlight
First Printing: October 2010
Reprinted: October 2012