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Romantic Suspense/Mystery
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It's nothing personal...
Blond, beautiful bounty hunter Vega Brookes is on the hunt for her latest skip trace. Her prey, ex-special forces officer Grayson Walker, is ruthless, a killer. She shouldn't feel attracted to him. Even so, the closer she gets to finding Grayson, the louder her instincts shout that things are not what they seem.

It's only murder...
Grayson Walker is dangerous...and determined. Someone is killing those closest to him, and he's desperate to find out why. When a firecracker of a bounty hunter comes close to capturing him, he fights back and ends up shooting her. Yet not even a gunshot wound can cool the sparks that fly between them whenever they're together. Soon, his life turns into a deadly race to earn Vega's trust, track down a killer, and avoid falling in love.
The Reviews
"McFalls is an impressive talent on the rise. ... I absolutely loved it!"
--Deborah Macgillivray, Author of A RESTLESS KNIGHT and Reviewer for The Best Reviews

"A wonderful blend of romance, suspense, and a bit of mystery."'
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews

"This is definitely an action-packed story! I had to keep on restraining myself from looking ahead to find out what was going to happen! ... From beginning to end, this book was one surprise after another. I really enjoyed it and would love to see it made into a movie!" 4.5 Stars!
--Kerin, Euro-Reviews

"The Huntress delivers a plot ripe with suspense, tension, and conflict." 4 Angels!
--Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

"THE HUNTRESS is everything romantic suspense should be.
Up and coming author Dorothy McFalls has proven a talent to be watched. Do not miss your chance to get in on the adventure. Experience the heart pumping action of THE HUNTRESS today and feel the tension build."
4 Hearts!
--Tammy, Loves Romances

Young prostitutes are disappearing from the streets of Honolulu. When street-savvy P.I., Kyra Grainger, is hired to find the latest missing girl, she straps on a pair of high heels, pulls on a skirt no wider than a headband, and delves into the back streets and shadowy world hidden behind the glitz of Hawaii. What she finds is a web of lies and deceptions that threatens to destroy the paradise she dearly loves, in this fast-paced novella.
No man should play hard-to-get this well.
He brazenly changed his name.
He's hiding out with men with guns.
One might think he didn't want me to find him.

Samantha Starr is planning the perfect wedding. But there's a hitch. Before the fashion-loving librarian can get married, she needs to divorce her childhood sweetheart, Logan Dalton, a man she'd thought had died.

Security expert and ex-spy, Logan, is working undercover to stop hackers from using a computer virus from attacking the world's computers. Someone has been undermining his mission every step of the way. He's determined to find out who on the inside is helping the criminals. The last thing he needs is a diversion in the form of his long-ago sweetheart, Sam.

Finding Logan thrusts Samantha into a world of danger and adventure. Can she walk away from the only man she's ever truly loved and get the divorce she seeks? And will they be able to solve the mystery of who is working against them in time to save the world and themselves?

"A page-turner with a plotted tale of danger, deception, and desire." ~ USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes
In response to the "thousand year flood" of 2015 in South Carolina, eighteen beloved and bestselling authors graciously contributed a water-themed story, essay, novel excerpt, or poem to this heart-warming and thought-provoking anthology. Like a winding river, their words meander through memories and nostalgia or swell in a fit of faith, fear, or questioning. Some offer lessons learned by the water or new beginnings because of it. There are even works of fiction-it often speaks the clearest truth.  This is a timeless book for water-lovers and storm survivors. Proceeds support water-disaster relief efforts.

Contributing Authors include: Lisa Wingate, Karen White, Bret Lott, Cassandra King , Marjory Wentworth, Jolina Petersheim , Denise Hildreth Jones,  Signe Pike,  Michael Bassett,  Fred Bassett, Eva Marie Everson, Batt Humphreys, Nicole Seitz, Julie Cantrell, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, Dianne Miley, Dorothy McFalls, and Sarah Loudin Thomas.