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Available in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, and eBook

The first book in the Moonlight Dragon Duology

The Last Moonlight Dragon

I was a nobody, a Queen's Lady who was lucky to still be alive. Until the battle...

Soren is known as The Beast of Fein. He's a warrior feared in all the four kingdoms. As a reward for saving the people of Earst, Queen Beatrice gifts me to the brutal general.

I'm fitted with a magical collar that forces me to do his will. I'm bound for life, which according to the queen, won't be a long one in The Beast's care.

My only hope is to find my beloved dragons that have gone missing in the valley. They have to save me...

But in saving me, they might end up burning the four kingdoms to the ground.

TW: Brief sexual assault/groping (Chapter 1), Violence, Dub Consent

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Chosen: A Creatures of the Moonshadows Tale

Am I the "chosen one" or an unwitting tool to be used by a powerful lord?

Aideen, a halfing and the most nonmagical creature in the faerie realm, feels lost in both the magical and mortal worlds.

Griffon, a werewolf who is fighting his killer instincts, poses a threat to the faerie world. His magic can bring down a kingdom.

Will Aideen who has never felt special step up and answer the call to be the Chosen One even if she has to destroy her love for the deadly werewolf to do it? Or will she let his magic destroy two worlds?